Against the backdrop of the second session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI, PatentMind Netherlands explores an innovative idea on AI inventorship, namely applying the law of trusts. In a nutshell, if a human and an AI system are jointly named as inventor, then, by operation of law (as the trust settlor), the property, which is the subject of the property right vested in the AI system as inventor, would be held in trust by the human inventor (as trustee), for the fictitious benefit of the AI system as inventor (the beneficiary). Whereas the moral right would, by operation of the same law, not arise in the first place.

The second session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI will be held over three days from July 7 to 9, 2020 as a virtual meeting, in three daily sessions from 13:00 to 15:00 CEST, to allow the broadest possible global audience to attend. This virutal meeting is open to all interested parties. More info here

On 20 May 2020, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) published new guidance on Explaining decisions made with AI. More info here

PatentMind Netherlands participates in the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Work Group on Artificial Intelligence

Day event at the University of Thessaly on “Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Spin-Offs”, February 26, 2020, Volos, Greece

PatentMind Netherlands attends the 21st EIPIN Congress at the Maastricht University, January 22-24, 2020

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Hellenic Section, Intellectual Property Committee, announces the publication of the Intellectual Property Roadmap, a study on the present and future of intellectual property in Greece

PatentMind Netherlands provides the guest lecturer teaching EPO law and practice in Software and Artificial Intelligence inventions in the IPKM Masters course. The lectures take place at the premises of the Law School, Maastricht University in December 12-13, 2019 (read moreCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCSCiteNPLDOCS)

PatentMind Netherlands organizes a Workshop at UCL, the Bartlett Real Estate Institute, in cooperation with UCL Business, London, December 10, on “Protecting Applied Technology with Patents” (read more)

PatentMind Netherlands participates in EGen2019, UCL, London, December 7-8, with a workshop on “Patenting Innovative Technology in the Context of Silver Economy” (read more)

ERA Conference on “Artificial Intelligence : Challenges for Intellectual Property Law”, Brussels, October 17-18, 2019

Lecture on EPO law and practice in Software and Artificial Intelligence inventions at the Washington University Law School, St. Louis, September 2019

LES conference in September 2019, Madrid

EPO-CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) bi-lateral comparative study meeting on software-related inventions, July 10-11, 2019, Beijing

IP Law Europe Summit, June 17-18, 2019, Montreux

Technopolis IP seminar, June 2019, Thessaloniki

expert panel discussion on Protecting AI-related Innovation, UnternehmerTUM, May 28, 2019, Garching

Hellenic Industrial Organization (OBI), May 9, 2019, Athens

AIPPI trilateral meeting “IP in changing Europe”, 4-5 April 2019, Paris

FICPI, AIPLA and AIPPI Colloquium on “IP Protection of Artificial Intelligence”, 27-29 March 2019, Torino

MIP International Patent Forum, March 6-7, 2019, London

EPO-KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) technical cooperation meeting, January 2019, Munich

KPAA (Korean patent Attorneys’ Association) conference, June 2018, Seoul, Korea

Trilateral conference (patent offices of Europe, USA, Japan), March 2018, Hakone, Japan