PatentMind Netherlands covers the full spectrum of the patenting process, including strategy definition, pre-prosecution,  prosecution, enforcement, post-grant valuation. But we specialize in evaluation of your invention as to European Patent Convention (EPC) patentability and eligibility as technical subject-matter in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and increasing the chances for grant. To that end, we analyse the application, review / amend the description to increase eligibility chances as technical subject-matter and issue a detailed documentation of our findings. Regarding the value of your patent (application) portfolio, we evaluate EPC subject-matter eligibility of your foreign patents (or EP applications), important when intending to enter the European marketplace. We screen with you your application portfolio and advise you on how to increase grant chances with the European Patent Office (EPO). This process is essential in case of software applications in the fintech, commercial, artificial intelligence or simulation fields. By increasing the grant probability for each such application with the EPO, we increase the valuation of your IP assets on your balance sheet and/or improve your funding chances with venture capitalists, business angels etc.