PatentMind Netherlands is the brainchild of Yannis Skoulikaris, an IP professional with over 30 years of experience in the patenting business. As a former Director Patent Granting Process with the European Patent Office (EPO), Yannis has co-drafted the EPO guidelines for examination in software and artificial intelligence technology.

LawMind Law Office, our strategic partner, looks after the legal and procedural aspects and provides representation in front of the EPO. LawMind has also a network of cooperating entities, securing the IP aspects of our cli ents’ international operations.

Our two partners, Anthology Management and Anthology Ventures, support IP-related issues with established commercial entities and start-ups/spin-offs respectively. Anthology Management supports IP activities in consulting, training and asset valuation. Anthology Ventures looks after start-ups and/or spin-offs during their initial steps. They also provide support and advice for actuarial and/or fiscal matters.

PatentMind Netherlands, LawMind, Anthology Management and Anthology Ventures, acting in synergy, cover the full spectrum of your IP assets.

We value close communication with our clients, we focus on our clients’ business objectives, and we make sure we are available exactly when our advice, guidance and presence is needed.

PatentMind Netherlands is a legal entity under Dutch law, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, the Netherlands, under KvK number 76780570.